Sam Smith conquers Grammy’s 2015

grammy-awards-2015-red-carpet sam_smith_holding_grammys

Nominated for Album of the Year, Best New Artist, Best Pop/Vocal Album, Record of the Year, and Song of the Year! Sam Smith shines at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards winning four out of five nominations.  So many people are happy for this british artist and his new stardom, he has been showing his talent regarding music since his first single “Stay with me”, where he was nominated for six categories for Grammy’s 2014. The talented 22-year-old artist has been showcasing his strong voice and powerful lyrics to the world. Many other famous artists like Rihanna showing their support for Sam and his achievements.

For someone so young hitting the top four awards at the Grammy’s all in the same year is rare and spectacular! Hopefully we will see him featuring with many more major artists and continuing to build his profession for the world to enjoy. His soul-pop feel has caught the ears and hearts of many people for almost 2 years now, and for him to already be credited for his talent is exciting for all fans. He has been on the top 10 charts since 2014 and maintained with each single and collaboration.

Smith has been working for what seems to be such a short time, releasing amazing music, and continuing to get bigger quickly! As he continues to fight his way to the top regardless of what people said about his appearance or sex preferences, the most important thing is that he stayed true to himself. Hopefully we will get to see artists like Rihanna collaborate with the rising artist, especially after a photo posted by Rihanna on her own instagram!

Other than the excitement that has happened at the Grammy’s this year; like Beck’s award win for Best album of the year… and Kanye’s reluctant attitude towards it, the amazing performance by Beyoncè, and continuous award wins for Pharrell Williams’ on his single “Happy”. Sam Smith is the one of the biggest news at the Grammy’s this year. Rising to the occasion we will see much more of this British Pop star and can’t wait for future singles, albums, collaborations and possible tours he may have planned down the road.

Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder!


The average size for women in the US is 12 -14, however we continue to absorb from various media outlets that say that there is only one certain way of beauty. Media for years have been controlling what is in trend and what is beautiful. Many girls and women follow the media which causes them to have self-hate or even pushing themselves to cosmetic surgery to change the way they look. I find we always want to look like someone else instead of being happy, it is up to us to not follow in media’s trends and just love ourselves, after all you are one of a kind.

The media has been the biggest way to spread a message through out the world. For many years girls and women have had issues and insecurities with their own bodies and or the way they look due to the bad habit of comparing themselves to another. Some even push themselves to the point of starvation, depression, self hurting and more. Over the years media’s idea of beauty keeps getting more popular, leading more women and girls to feed into the idea of what people think beauty is, depending on the size of their jeans, what type of make-up they own, or if their clothes are in trend. Has anyone ever seen a commercial advertising a women on her amazing personality? I don’t think so, most of the time you see women indulging themselves in low-fat yogurt, dancing about after shaving their legs, or even strutting around in the newest Victoria secret bra and underwear to seduce men. Some models who are not the average sized woman are then edited with Photoshop giving the overall look of “perfection”. These are the women people aspire to look like, which is either unhealthy and or unrealistic when edited by a professional. The real question is, why do we pay attention? I believe it is because that’s how what we think can bring us happiness, it’s what we are exposed to from media, and society’s view of beauty. It completely surrounds you for life; from the people you surround yourself with and where you were born. Even the small things that hit us the most, like parents repeating “Do you really need to eat more of that?”, or going to your workplace or social life having to deal with people who may make you feel different. Then taking all of that in your daily life, and having constant exposure of media’s idea of beauty.

It can be very overwhelming, people usually take the images they see from the media and interpret it as happiness but realistically this is not the case. I believe true beauty is being yourself, because that is what will truly make you happy. Wanting to be someone else and are willing to risk one’s own health in the process is not my idea of happiness, it sounds more like torture to me. Finding the balance within yourself will make you such a happier person. Naturally being able to balance out your health, and inner self can lead to a happier surrounding of people and things in your life.  You can never really love others until you learn to love yourself, once you do it will continue to reflect in your life.

Even celebrities, the very people who are seen as beautiful in media, wear a lot of make up, are usually photo-shopped, and work out mostly everyday with a hired professional trainer and sometimes are still insecure and frustrated about their life. Singer/actress Demi Lavato, most people know her story but for those who don’t, Demi became famous on Family Channel and Disney where she had her own show, and had about 6 albums out since 2008 to her latest album that debuted in 2011, Unbroken. Demi entered the Television world saying she will not change who she is, and media will not get to her. However, after about 2 years in the lime light Demi began to break down where she became very insecure, which lead her to self hurting and an eating disorder. So that is the sad thing, people who are seen as beautiful still have issues of their own.

So really, the want to look like someone else or the people we see in the media, seems like a really pointless, vicious and unhealthy cycle. We aspire to look like the very own people who have to same amount of insecurities as we do. So why can’t we just be happy with ourselves? Many women who are not exposed to media’s idea of beauty on a daily basis are the ones really enjoying their life. It’s the girls and women who focus on the quality of life, helping others, and aspire to be the best person they can, are the women who really experience true beauty.

Like the famous Italian-French actress, who began her life in television and beauty pageants at the very young age of 14,  one of her famous quotes “Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.”- Sophie Loren

Exploring the Wander!

This is about the wanderlust side of me and I know everyone has a little bit of wander in them! When I was younger, our family of six MOOREwould go on vacations to places like Cuba, Cancun, and Puerto Vallarta. However, the older my siblings and I became the more difficult it became financially to go on vacations. The last vacation I went on was to Florida for a week. It was a lot of fun during my time there but I have always wanted to see more. It has been five years since my family and I went on a vacation  and my wanderlust craving continues to keep getting larger each year. I love watching The Real World on MTV where a certain number of people are selected to live together for three months somewhere gorgeous! The previous season, they went to St. Thomas and even though I was not there I fell in love with the place! They met so many new people, enjoyed the beautiful weather, and grew as people! I have always wanted to travel ever since I was younger. I would love to become a reporter and have the ability to travel the world, meet people, eat new things, and really learn about myself during all of it! I want to feel the thrill of it all and be able to say I have traveled to more than three places outside of Canada! I have always dreamt of a better place then where I am currently living. I knew that there had to be bigger, more beautiful and new things to offer me in this world. All of my life I have lived in either Mississauga or Oakville, Ontario with both places not as glamorous as Paris or Hawaii. Now do not get me wrong, I have been outside of Canada before when I was younger. I have been to Cuba, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, and Florida but still those four places did not fill my wanderlust craving. With still being eighteen I have plenty of time to make plans to go traveling. I have always dreamed of just gathering essentials and go backpacking through a gorgeous place like Rome or Thailand. I have had this wanderlust craving ever since I was a little girl. I would watch travel and fantasy movies where people fall in love under the Eiffel tower right when it light up at night, or finding treasure on a beautiful beach! Of course I know, that will not happen to me but even meeting new people, eating new foods and finding myself in the process. That is probably the biggest reasons on why I am so passionate to travel, to find myself and really embrace the beauty of different cultures and the world!

“All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

Rihanna is going on Tour in 2013! #Rih7

Rihanna`s new album “Unapologetic” coming out in November!

All fans must be so excited about the new song release of Diamonds. Her creative Pop beats with romantic/sexy lyrics always win the hearts of her fans. When I first heard Diamonds I did enjoy it, however when I finally searched up the lyrics I really fell in love with the love with the song. Hopefully Rihanna is planning to drop her new album in November and all fans of her must be so excited. Most of Rihanna’s music is for those hopeless romantics that are ready to party, and have a good time. Rihanna has always provided fun party music that can get you up off your seat. Her sexiness is always sprinkled in to every song she creates. Soon after her new album coming out sometime in November! She will be going on tour in March!!

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Purple Place Mark: Closest Hotel spots for the Concerts

Making new friends, Losing old friends.

So my first month of college has been so much fun, meeting so many hilarious, sweet, and kind people at Humber College. I love the campus, my courses, and the many events planned there like open mic night. The weekend is here and I found myself inviting a friend I met at Humber to join my family and I for our thanksgiving dinner. I do remain connected with my high school friends, but I have noticed recently that we have been fading. Most of the time I find I am arguing about small issues with my friends, and it just makes me want to move on already. Most of the people I met at Humber have told me that they have stopped staying connected with high school friends, and it is bound to happen to me. At first I did not believe them, because I thought I had so much love for my high school friends, that we will never stop staying connected. However, it has only been a month and there are now only now 3 people I find I still stay connected with that really make me happy, Jordan, Tess, and Chloe. The thing is, these are the people I did not spend enough time with during high school. Now they are my rock, without texting one of those three during the week would probably drive me insane. Do you know those people in your life that you are so grateful for? That best friend? Well luckily for myself I have found 3 of them. Now here is where I gets complicated… The friends who you thought you loved but realizing you no longer can stay connected with. These people were my comfort zone, I have stuck with them for so long during high school, I didn’t want to let them go, even though they have hurt me in the past. Wait, I am not perfect and have had my own problems but all I need are honest friends who care about me. Soon enough friends fade, and people move on, and change. It would be really rare for someone to be with the same group of friends their entire life, right? So soon enough you will have to move on. Believe me, it is easier said than done. I am still having small issues letting go of my old friends. But moving forward will make you happier in the end. I am happy I am learning about this now, and I am really looking forward to my college career. But don’t beat yourself up for letting go of a few people you cared about if it isn’t working out. Things happen for a reason, and if that person was really meant to be in your life, they will come back. :)

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